Refunding or Suspending Services

We do not offer refunds on services. If you need to suspend your account please do so BEFORE it processes. Please give us 24 hours before your membership renews to cancel. Don't worry if you're injured or sick, packages never expire. You can place a hold on most memberships in 30 day increments for up to 3 months. Promotional memberships can not be suspended.

  • Suspensions must be scheduled in 1-month increments with the maximum suspension length being 3 months
  • Email hello@kor180 with the date you would like to start the suspension & the length of the suspension, in 1-month increments.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from a member of our team
  • If you need to terminate your membership before it re-activates, contact us at
  • You are still responsible for cancelling any classes you signed up for after your suspension/termination

Got it? Good!

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