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Burn It 2 Earn It

Are you ready to BURN?

At Kor180 our mission is to help you live life. Inspired!

Special things can happen when you belong to an awesome community. {AKA the hive}

During this holiday season the Kor180 Bees are here to help you avoid after-meal naps and that second {maybe third?} piece of pecan pie.

How does it work?

You and your team will Ryde as often as you can during the month of December. The team with the most points at the end of the month gets to Ryde for FREE in January.


1. Put together a team of 3 Kor180 Bees (new or current clients)

because friends that sweat together, grow old together!

You can connect with potential teammates in the studio or via The Hive Facebook group. {The December theme at Kor180 is #bCommitted}

But wait, there's more:

Have a friend that would like to try out our Ryde classes? Have them join your team and 5 points will be added to your total! (That's equal to taking 5 Ryde 30 classes!)

Click here to send a tweet to your friends

2. All team members must have a Kor180 account with a valid credit card on file

3. Pick a team name

4. Submit

Email with the subject “Burn It 2 Earn It (insert team name)”

Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • First name, last name & email of each team member
  • Twitter & instagram handle of each team member
  • Team picture {Find something fun on google or snap a pic of everyone!}
  • Specify if there are new Kor180 Bees on your team

The competition begins on 12/8.


Ryde 30 = 1 point

Ryde 45 = 2 points

Power Hour = 4 points

Let's show the holidays who's boss. Are you in?

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