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We're looking for passionate, creative and dedicated fitness professionals to inspire our clients. Reform classes take the foundational principals of Joseph Pilates and add high-intensity intervals. The focus is on dynamic, compound movement with an emphasis on form, flow and music. This ain't yo mommas Pilates class.

Our Ryde philosophy is to ryde with rhythm and power. We keep it real, so no push ups, no weights, no bull! Don't get it twisted we love some tap backs and jumps to take class to the edge.

That's right, we're looking for black sheep, trail blazers, people that flip the bird...inspired individuals that march to the beat of their own drummer.

You know who you are! If you are a dynamic thinker & passionate about changing the way people live their lives please say hello & sign-up for our teacher training program.

If you're an existing instructor we offer an abbreviated version of our teacher training program, that gets you used to our teaching philosophy and style.

Are you ready to reform and ryde?

Here are the things we are looking for:

  • An outgoing personality! We're looking for you to inspire & motivate through your high-octane personality & positive energy. No wallflowers here!
  • Previous teaching experience in group exercise or personal training a bonus
  • Ability to articulate a strong understanding of anatomy in a non-intimidating way
  • A love of music, doesn't matter what kind, our classes have the speakers rockin
  • Creative programming that is appropriate for mixed-level group classes
  • Background in cycling, dance, running and nutrition a bonus
  • Must be willing to teach Reform & Ryde
  • Must be willing to teach on the weekends
  • Must be willing to sub occasionally at all locations
  • You've taken an assortment of classes with us and are prepared to discuss what you love and what you don't love about our formats

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