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Your Membership Could Be Free!

So you've been reforming & ryding @kor180 and you love it right? Why not tell a friend & start earning credits for a free membership.

Get $10 off your monthly membership dues, every month, for every member you refer that join an autopay monthly membership. Refer two friends and take off $20, refer three and take off $30 and so on until your membership is free.

Just let us know who you have referred at and we'll do the rest. As long as your friend remains a member then you will get $20 off your membership.

{fine print}

Valid on referrals after August 1. Referral must join one of the monthly autopay memberships. Credit applies to monthly autopay memberships only. Credit applies every month your referral remains an active member. Does not apply to buy 6 months get 6 months free annual membership.

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