What the F&%k is Gluten?

When I was walking through Whole Foods the other day I decided to try and count how many gluten free products I could find. They had to proclaim "Gluten Free!" on their packaging to be counted and after about 5 minutes...I had given up. There were so many I really couldn't believe it! Potato chips, pastas, yogurts, cheeses, asian sauces, crackers, cake mixes, The list goes on and on!

Well these days there are SOOOO many products available for those of us following a gluten free diet, but recently I noticed that many people aren't even quite sure what that g-word is. This is totally understandable because any health/wellness "trend" is going to be pretty darn confusing to the majority of people outside observing it.

So I wanted to clear the air and answer this burning question.

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