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Vulnerability: Being brave enough to feel it all

Typically when we hear the word vulnerability, we immediately think of feeling weak, exposed and unsafe. To feel vulnerable, for most of us, means to be in the position where we can be hurt, rejected or attacked. If we believe this to be the definition of vulnerability, then it is our natural instinct to protect ourselves from ever feeling this emotion. Living life with an intention of avoiding uncomfortable feelings is living life half asleep.

If you reflect on why we go to Kor180 classes, eat healthy, or make it onto our yoga mats weekly, it's because we have an innate desire to live life fully awakened. We aim to take care of our body because the reward is health, peace of mind and a stronger intuitive inner guide. No matter where we are on the spectrum of spirituality, we know there is more to life than the weekly grind, that new pair of shoes or losing the last 5 pounds. If we are brave enough, we can stay awake through every emotion, experience, and adventure, boldly feeling everything that runs through us. When we allow this, our lives take on a different meaning, everything becomes a lesson so that we can grow and find a deeper level of peace. If we redefine vulnerability as being brave enough to feel it all, a different life is lived. Never let fear stop you from filling up your cup to the very top. Be bold, step into the unknown and take it all in. Know as you continue to strive for more, that in this moment, you are enough.

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