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Taking a 7 Day Juice Cleanse Challenge: Day 1

Yes, I may have temporarily lost my mind. I agreed to do a 7 day juice cleanse with our Culinary Ninja, Tanner O'Dell. I'm give up food for the next 7 days. After trying Skinny Limits juice at our September Monthly Mixer, I was sold. The juices were tasty & they delivered them to my door.

I drink 6 juices/day for the next 7 days...and I'm going to tell everyone about it here, day by day.

Day1: Felt Hungry & 3.5 Lbs Lighter

Started my day at the studio at 6 am & finished it at 7 pm. Had all 6 of my juices. So far the green juice is my fav! I spent 60m on an indoor bike today, so added a whole avocado to the mix b/c of my active lifestyle.

Had a little energy drop in the middle of the day, slight headache, but nothing to write home about.

Woke up morning of day 2 (which is when I'm writing this post) 3.5 lbs lighter than the morning before. Weight loss is not my goal, so glad I've added the avocado into my day.

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