Sweat Frustration Away

We’ve all had those days… You’re late, miss your bus, your boyfriend dumps you, your boss fires you and you wreck your car. Little and big things happen that frustrate you, anger you, and demoralize you. Despite your best efforts you can’t fix that bumper yourself, show your boss what a valuable asset you are, or convince your boyfriend you are the best thing that ever happened to him. That’s not sustainable.

It’s easy to let life’s stressors get you down and to find yourself in a place where you feel stuck and out of control. When life keeps beating you down and you just don’t know how to fight back, you come to a place where you realize that the only thing you can control… your response! Only you can control your response to a situation and choose whether that situation will make you worse or make you better. It’s a cliché – sue me. But beyond the whole “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” words of Jackie Kennedy, you really can do things to control how you feel about your life and yourself. That’s sustainable.

And you know what one of those things is…? Exercise! Beyond the awesome physiological (think endorphins) and physical (think hot bod) effects of exercise, getting in a good sweat does something else for you. It empowers you. Exercise takes a day that’s spiraling out of control and says, “Screw you, I am going to take control of this little piece of my day and do something for me.” It says, “I value myself enough to do something good for myself despite everything that’s trying to bring me down.” That’s sustainable.

So you do… you go for a run, you take that 30/30 class, hell, you do some squats and push-ups in front of your bathroom mirror. Whatever it is, you get something done. And I guarantee that when you’re done… you feel better, if only a little bit. You took the time for you. You took control of some aspect of your day and you valued yourself enough to do something to better yourself. This is the power exercise. These little daily accomplishments show you that you can, and that attitude carries over to other aspects of your life. And that’s sustainable.

So get out there and do something sustainable. Do it alone, do it with friends, do it with a group in a fitness class. The next time you’re having a really rough day and the only thing you want to do is crawl in bed and binge on Ben and Jerry’s and Netflix, stop. Think. Take control of your day and do something good for yourself. Whether it takes 10 minutes or 60. Get it done. That feeling of accomplishment will take you into a better evening and a tomorrow where you’re just a little more powerful than today. And don’t worry, that Ben and Jerry’s will still be in the freezer when your workout is over. #bSustainable.

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