Superheroes of Sorts

We all desire to live our most powerful lives. To be fearless without doubt, superheroes of sorts, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and save the world.

Then life unfolds and challenging experiences change us, experiences as young as childhood. Situations we're unable to remember, understand, or comprehend become "locked" in a subconscious mind. The once fearless superhero's costume is now wrinkled, tossed in the back of our minds closet.

Later in life we live out these "locked" experiences as fear-manifesting as drama in mind and experience. We long for a different way, but often play out a story. The "villain" gets the best of us and our fearless superhero once again, defeated.

But what if there was another way? A way to shift our consciousness, "dust off" our superhero costume and take a "leap". A fearless leap. A leap for good. A leap for mankind.

Superheroes do it daily and so can you. They start the day meditating, coming up with a plan and feeling the desired outcome before it occurs. They don't get out of bed until they do. Then they get up, dust their cape, and start the day as the best version of themselves.

Be a superhero -put on your fearless cape, meditate, feel the day and then seize it. You'll be able to leap tall buildings in no time...Fearlessly.

Sandy Garcia MD

PS- A great place to start your meditation journey is Deepak Chopras 21 day meditation.

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