"Soft" Launch....Pshhh Whatever!

So we've spent the last 2 years planning, researching, building the Kor180 business model, making investor decks & presentations. All in anticipation for the first day of our "soft" launch on January 14th.

I thought it was going to be cake. I mean who was going to actually come into the studio our first week? We're new, we haven't done any advertising, we'd have plenty of time to tie up loose ends. Man was I wrong.

Our first week exceeded our wildest expectations as we filled almost every spot in our #reform classes, often with a wait list. We added two classes to keep up with demand. Our last two #ryde classes were also full this week.

As a team, we're grateful for the lessons we've learned this week & for the opportunity to meet so many of you. Thanks for the kind words, feedback & support.

Our classes are complimentary for all customers, new & repeat, through our launch party, January 24th.

After the 24th, returning customers can take advantage of our pre-launch special, but don't wait too long, it's only available through January 31st.

See you in the studio!


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