Ready to make an impact as a Pilates instructor?

On August 1st the Kor180 Mat Pilates teacher training program launches!

We're so excited to offer this course to you taught by world renowned Pilates expert Kevin Bowen.

So why do our instructors love to teach Pilates? Maybe for some of the same reasons that you will.

Find out more about our teacher training program here. There are only a few spots left!!

Beverly Theodore

Pilates strengthened and rehabbed my body while dancing 12 shows a week, and as a result, I became a stronger and better dancer. Helping people empower their lives through movement is what makes me a Pilates instructor for life.

Karissa Canning

Pilates corrected my posture, cured my back pain and has changed my life in so many ways. I love that as an instructor I have the opportunity to have a true impact on someone else's life, the way my instructors have impacted mine.

Lauren Whitehead

Pilates strengthened my own body after a lot of chronic knee and ankle issues. I love that I can share movement that is healing and strengthening. I love to literally witness clients building lean muscle and getting stronger each week.

Andrea Megnin

Pilates strengthened my core for running and changed my life in many ways, including my approach to fitness. As an instructor, I love helping others feel happier, healthier and stronger as they experience the incredible benefits of Pilates.

Sarah Nelson

I love connecting with clients and helping them to achieve their goals. They inspire me to bring my best self to class and I love being apart of this community!


I love teaching Pilates because we create the space people need to reform, mind, body and life.

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