Meet Your Functional Medicine Doctor

Sandy Garcia is the newest addition to the Kor180 health & wellness team! Help us welcome her to the hive in the comments below.

Born: Lorado, TX

Raised: Austin, TX

  • Where did you go to medical school?

UTMB – University of Texas Medical Branch

  • What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is western medicine with a twist. It looks at the root cause of your illness, symptoms, or disease. Being able to sort through everything and find the root cause can help you reverse the illness and achieve health & balance. It works with a matrix. Food as medicine + looks at imbalances/deficiencies/toxins + how you are living your life. It's a great holistic approach to your health

  • How is this different than traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine looks at symptoms & matches meds to the diagnosis based on the symptoms. Functional Medicine takes it a step further. We answer what is the underlying cause that is brining these symptoms to the surface?

  • Why are you passionate about Functional Medicine?

I went into medicine because I wanted to help people. As I evolved into medicine I realized that my patients were getting more sick. When I asked myself why, I realized that we weren’t dealing with the underlying causes of these illnesses.

  • What drives this passion?

I was finding myself exhausted, moody, fatigued, couldn’t lose weight, couldn’t think clearly and frustrated that I wasn’t helping people. Then I got diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I wasn’t getting better w/ conventional therapy. As I started doing my own research functional medicine opened up. As I stepped into the premise of Functional Medicine I was able to get my own health back. My life has changed! I began to have amazing energy, become more creative, and then had the realization that I don’t want to just be a doctor...I want to help people heal! That is where the true blessing is. That is where vitality comes from. That’s how people become empowered. It starts with health.

  • How do people take their first step?

The first step is to have a conversation. Communicate with a FM practitioner who will collectively work with other Practitioners.

  • How do people get ahold of you?

They can call me at 512.496.3079

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