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Are you buzzing about our 2nd studio!?

You're the reason that The Hive continues to grow. Thanks for helping us live life. Inspired!

Over the last 2 1/2 years we have jumped out of planes, traveled the world, thrown great parties & supported amazing local causes. This month we want you to play a game with us: #Keys2Kor180

As you rise, ryde, reform & repeat we want you remember one thing:

The keys to studio #2 could be yours!!

We will be dropping breadcrumbs via Instagram to help you guess where studio 2 is located. This will happen in 2 phases:

1. Guess the area of #ATX

2. Submit a picture of you in front of the new studio

Phase 1 is happening raffle style in the studio. Next time you take class simply submit your name, Instagram handle & guess of North, South, East or West. On July 2nd we will announce the winners who take home their very own kor180 gear! {You have to be decked out & ready for your picture}

Phase 2 is scavenger hunt style. The first person to take a picture in front of our new studio will receive their very own private launch party for their closest friends! Make sure to post your picture to Instagram using hashtag #keys2kor180 & tagging @kor180.

Sweat Sesh + Sips + Snacks

Will you be the first to bust through our new doors??

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