Kale is popular...we get it already! Every article on the internet these days seems to be shoving "Eat More Kale" into your face, but in reality you've become bored! I can't blame you though, there's only so much of this superfood that I can shovel in without feeling legitimately like a rabbit. So how do we give Kale a new look and a new feel? How do we help it accomplish it's own 180 degree transformation? Well today's Kale180 technique i'm going to share with you is:

massage, massage, massage!

Yep, just like we love a great massage, kale needs that extra love to relax and meet the ingredients around it. That's why today I wanted to share with you a simple kale salad recipe that has potential to change your point of view surrounding this leafy green goddess of a vegetable. When you use the massaging method it gives the kale a great texture that you can then mix with your favorite salad ingredients! So give this video a watch & leave us a comment with your favorite way to treat or cook your kale!


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