Juicing 101

Part 1 -

The use of juice as medicine has been around for a looooonnnnnng time! It dates back to ancient cultures who would make drinks using fruits and vegetables, usually to help heal something that was out of wack. Imagine someone from biblical times sipping on a juice to help their digestion. :)

Today it has become extremely popular and we are definitely happy about that. Juicing can be very beneficial for everyday energy and well being, so we wanted to create this simple 101 series that will walk you through what you need to know to get started! Shauna from Daily greens is our host & she has some expert tips to share with you.

Part 2 - What Juicer?

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Part 3 - Let's Juice!

We hope you are now motivated to purchase a juicer or break out one that may be covered in dust! To help inspire you every week, we'll be posting more juice recipes right here on our blog, so check back often or find us on Facebook & Twitter!

Now onto a commonly asked question before you're off to the races!

How long do I have to drink the juice before it turns bad?

When using a juicer like a Breville (one that spins really quickly) you'll ideally want to drink it right away. To really obtain all of the goodness, don't let it sit for more than 15 mins. If you're using a Hurom then you have a bit more time, but oxidation happens relatively quickly when the juice is exposed to air, so down the hatch it goes as soon as possible!

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