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F&$K Diets

Whenever I hear the word diet I get a sudden urge to throw my gluten free bagel at the nearest gluten free person.

Which is normally me.

But wait...

Tanner, Don't you endorse a gluten free diet?

to put it simply, no I don't.

I endorse a lifestyle where you are free to enjoy food that tastes freaking amazing without feeling as if a 10 pound food baby is along for the ride.

Lifestyle choices that make you feel good, not only about your physical appearance but also about the person you are, is what I want to be promoting. And one of the cool things about being human is that what makes you feel good, may not make others feel the same.

This is the main reason why I'm against diets.

Everyone is truly unique & to find a lifestyle that works for you takes time, reflection, and motivation.

Here at Kor180 it's truly not about looking good in those skinny jeans. It's about creating a feeling of all around happiness when you look into the mirror.

If you happen to acquire an attractive looking inter-tube around your stomach...then generally I would recommend cutting out the gluten along with a few other things. Not because it's trendy to do so but because it could potentially change your life.

So how can you begin to find your silver lining? The media has portrayed diets as something that could help you reach your goals, but they've only backed us into a depressing corner of self doubt and frustration.

Today I want to provide you with 3 tips that will help you find foods that make you feel good.

Click through the slideshow to see my tips & start a conversation by commenting below!

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