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Choosing Gratitude

When we think of gratitude, many thoughts come to mind...a thank you, a simple gesture or gifting smile. It is in these seemingly small gestures that we blossom and every cell within us lights up to life's amazing journey.

But what about our experience when we perceive our lives are falling apart?

When we've been given a "bad card"- perhaps a family member falls ill, some diagnosis is given, a relationship falls apart and we are no longer in the space of gratitude?

We can honor what is -Within this space, we can choose to "heal" by showing gratitude for all our blessings. In that moment we can choose gratitude. Remembering and speaking into what we are most grateful for affects our health and the health and well-being of others, allowing the healing of body and spirit from a cellular level.

Remembering and speaking into gratitude heals, from a cellular and energetic level of both body and spirit. In speaking gratitude daily, we create our most powerful life.

Sandy Garcia MD.

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