#bGrateful Bee Profile - Meet Justin

Justin joined the kor180 community after suffering a collapsed lung late last summer.

“Kor180 was my outlet to cope with the mental and physical recovery process”

Learn more about this inspiring philanthropist & how he practices gratitude:

Q: Where are you from?

A: Detroit, MI

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I’m an accountant by trade, but recently became the CFO for a mid-sized services company

Q: What’s your favorite pre-kor180 pump-up song?

A: It’s impossible to name one … but anything by Arrested Development, Digable Planets, or A Tribe Called Quest gets me in the right mindset. People Everyday by Arrested Development is my jam.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge? (personal/professional)

A: One of my biggest challenges was post-surgery last year and it wasn’t the physical recovery. After surgery, and a couple of other tough life events in the following months, there was a moment where I realized I wasn’t, and maybe never had been, letting myself be vulnerable to the people around me. I had the “I don’t need help, I can do this on my own, I’ll be fine” mentality. That mental process of accepting who you are, breaking down why, and trying to come out the other side with a different mindset was intense.

Q: How did practicing gratitude help you overcome this challenge?

A: When you want to be in control or don’t think you need help it’s easy to be ungrateful for others who want to be there for you. When the initial thought changed from “I can do this on my own” to “I’m grateful for …” it became easy to let go.

Q: Why is Kor180 the perfect match for you?

A: The instructors and team are kickass examples of who we should all be as individuals and leaders. It’s motivating to be around them. Oh, and Sarah’s music cracks me up – everytime.

Q: How do you clear your mind of stress & replace with gratitude?

A: Well, deep breaths help. But for me, writing is the most therapeutic. Putting all my thoughts down on paper … does just that – takes them out of my head and puts them on paper.

Q: After a hard day, what’s your go-to meal or go-to restaurant?

A: No doubt a green shake is the cure.

Q: What’s your favorite #bGrateful quote?

A: I don’t know if this qualifies as a quote, but someone told me that the first thing they do after waking up is state out loud or think to themselves “I am thankful for this day.” I don’t remember to say it daily, but it’s become one of my favorite lines.

Q: Do you have a piece of advice for someone going through a tough situation? What did you need to hear when you were struggling?

A: I guess I would give them some good advice I got from a friend: don’t drink, eat healthy, workout, get lots of sleep, and most importantly, let yourself feel whatever emotions are a result of your situation. Don’t push them away when they come. Let yourself process your thoughts and feelings.

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