#bFearless Bee Profile - Meet Nora

Every month we feature a Kor180 bee that has inspired our team.

Meet Nora. She's been working out with us since July & truly embodies our theme this month.

Check out her #bFearless interview:

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Idaho, was raised in Texas, but "grew up" in New York when I moved there in my 20's.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I like to say I help people. I'm an Immigrant Rights Activist. I'm a trained journalist and former marketer that one day decided to use my skills to help fight the injustices facing undocumented immigrants in our communities. Best decision I ever made.

Q: What’s does being fearless mean to you?

A: Facing who I am meant to be and what I am meant to do.

Q: As you’re crossing things off of your bucket list, you get to one that gives you butterflys. What is it?

A: Law School. I'll be applying next year to start the process of becoming a Civil Rights Attorney.

Q: After a hard day, what’s your go-to meal or go-to restaurant?

A: I don't normally eat cheese or salad dressing, but after a tough day I like the cranberry, candied pecan and feta cheese salad from whole foods with a little dressing and a glass of red wine. Nom!

Q: How can we incorporate small doses of fearlessness into our daily lives?

A: Try something new every day. Take a different route to work, sit in another chair at the dinner table, put your left shoe on first instead of your right. Small adjustments can create big changes in perspective.

Q: What is one thing that you’ve done in the last month that you would consider fearless? {Remember…we like to celebrate small acts of fearlessness.}

A: I allowed my 7 year old daughter to go on trip to another state with my sister without me. I'm a self proclaimed helicopter parent so grounding the plane and allowing her to fly without me is a BIG deal! HUGE!

Q: It’s easy to get stuck in a routine. How do you find the motivation to tackle something new?

A: Acceptance. We know when we are stuck in a rut. You have two choices. Accept it and get out of it or live in denial. I prefer to accept it, deal and move on (insert "ain't no body got time for that" meme here :)

Q: How has Kor180 helped you #bFearless?

A: I have to be fearless to keep coming back! It's hard. I run and have done cross fit and thought this would be a similar challenge. I was wrong. I can't do all the positions for the full length of time. It's intimidating and I get anxiety before each class, but just the possibility that the next class I wont feel anxious makes me be fearless today.

Any other remarks? The kor180 bees are listening….

Life is about new beginnings. I don't know who said that but I believe it. Anything new is scary but I'd rather be afraid because I'm trying something new than remorseful because I didn't.

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