#bBold and see what happens

Be Bold...Two strong words, but what do they mean? More importantly, what do they hold for us? Is being bold being strong, worthy and fearless? I would suggest yes... and no.

Webster's dictionary defines bold as "not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger; courageous and daring; challenging." Yes, nice definition Webster- but hold on. To be bold, it's possible you may have to "step into" fear and uncertainty. Whatever life presents, we can at times feel weak, unworthy and fearful. That is okay. That is human. That exists. There is uncertainty in life. That's life's challenge and beauty. But then there is choice.

Be Bold can be a strength (despite feelings of hesitation). We can choose to "feel the fear but do it anyway". We can choose to be bold-despite the outcome. Despite approval. Because we believe in something greater. For self. For health. For possibility. For love.

As a physician, I treat patients who appear to be healthy on the outside. The "root" of their condition, illness, or imbalance lies deeper than their surface expression. It lies in the space of uncertainty and fear. When guidance leads them to a strong, worthy and fearless position, beauty and health unfolds. A sense of humanity no pill can offer. Proclaiming "#bBold" shifts their life into a powerful expression of healthy living.

Be bold and see what happens to your being- your soul, heart and health. Life and health will shine strong, worthy of your fearlessness. As we choose Be Bold, we create a new paradigm for our lives. One full of endless possibility.

grow well,

Sandy Garcia MD


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