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Are You Ready to Look Good Naked?

We all want to commit to healthier habits but we don't understand why our motivation doesn't always manifest in physical form.

If you are struggling with your commitments, examine the reason WHY you wanted to commit in the first place. Do you want to be committed to a nutrition plan because if you don't you will look horrible in a bathing suit? Do you want to commit so that you can live your best life? The first reason is rooted in fear, and fear will never lead you to long lasting change. The latter is a commitment made out of self-love, which is the only way to turn an initial commitment into permanent lifestyle change.

Remember, change happens not by force, but by love. Discipline is the behavioral manifestation of the highest act of self-love and self care. Not eating the ice cream, or making that early morning Kor180 class is then a reflection of self love, not punishment. Struggling with a commitment (made in your best interest) is really not reflective of the commitment itself, but of your current internal state of chaos. Ask yourself, "am I at peace with myself or not?". Make a commitment to loving yourself first and all your other commitments will fall into place.


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