A Friendly Reminder - You're Awesome!

Well, it’s the middle of December - the jolliest time of the year! By now you’ve probably attended half a dozen parties, baked some treats, and put up lights.

But hey - holiday cheer isn’t the only thing special about December. The start of this month also means that the year is coming to an end, and with that comes the opportunity for lots of reflection on what you’ve done and a chance to recommit to being awesome, healthy, and strong.

Now, if you’ve been coming to Kor180 this month, (and you have...right?), then you’ll know that our theme this month is #bCommitted and we’ve been suggesting ways to honor yourself physically and mentally by setting goals (#Bi2Ei), getting sleep, and nourishing yourself during this fun and festive time.

I am a HUGE advocate for goal setting, visioning, or dream lining so you can consistently work on little things to set yourself up for success when the new year comes. I’ve been working and reworking my goals for 2015 to include all aspects of my life - professional, personal, health, travel and adventure, and just being a good person. One of my big goals is to complete the RagBrai bike ride across Iowa in July - if you want in, let me know!

Of course it’s not too late for you to do that kind of visioning and planning too, but this is also a friendly reminder to celebrate yourself this month!

Yeah, you should finish the year strong and #bCommitted, but don’t forget to take a little time to appreciate everything you’ve done this past year. What did your life look like back in January, and how does that compare to now? Did you master a walking plank? Change your diet? Let go of something that wasn’t serving you?

Over these last few weeks of the year, continue to #bCommitted and look forward to what’s coming up in 2015 but remember how far you’ve come, and love yourself for it!

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