5 Ways to #bGrateful

With the holiday’s approaching quickly we tend to let loose and indulge in all the spirits, sweets, and savory dishes that come with it. With those indulgences also come guilt and the evil little voice within our heads that is insanely abusive. We would never let someone else speak to us in such a manner, so isn’t it strange that we let that inner voice talk so much smack? This year let’s take a stance and promise that we will be grateful for our bodies and enjoy this special time with family and friends without letting that inner voice get in the way. After all, if we’re busy talking ourselves down, we aren’t being present enough to actually enjoy this wonderful time of year with our loved ones. That being said, it’s hard to stay positive when we’re bloated, hung over and so forth. We’re not all hardwired to love ourselves unconditionally, so I found a few things we can all work on over the next two months to help us recognize how awesome we are (inside and out)!


1) For every bad thing you say about your body, say two good things. This is not limited to physical characteristics, think about how your body has served you! Has it brought you over the finish line of a marathon? Has it allowed you to bring children into this world? #bGrateful for what you do have!


2) Compliment the people around you. Give others a reason to #bGrateful! (Don’t forget, #bGenuine and #bSpecific!) Mark Twain once said, "I can live for two months on a good compliment,” think about what that could mean for the people around you!


3) Give back to the community or a special cause! There has been a countless amount of research that shows people who volunteer tend to have greater self-esteem, psychological wellbeing, and happiness. Those benefits and the fact you’re helping others should have you more than sold! Check out Volunteer Match to see what you can do in Austin. All acts, small or large, count.


4) Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), while in the same vein as volunteering, is simple in that we just want to build a kinder community to create a better world. What is great about RAK is that you don't need to wait for someone else to initiate or have it be planned out; you can put RAK into play whenever the opportunity presents itself. Pay it forward people! Even a small cup of free coffee to the person behind you in line can cause Oprah giveaway like reactions.


5) Most importantly, TREAT YO’ SELF. After all, you deserve it, right?

Congratulations on making it through most of 2014, let’s finish off this year strong so that in 2015 we have our best foot forward!

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