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10 Reasons Men Should Be Practicing Pilates

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10 Reasons Men Should Be Practicing Pilates:

1. Prevents and Repairs Injuries.

Do you have an old sports injury? Does a torn rotator cuff or ACL tear from football or soccer sound familiar? Pilates strengthens all the muscles surrounding joints with minimal impact. Many men have found that their recovery and rehabilitation process is shorter when Pilates training is incorporated.

2. Stronger 6 Pack.

Pilates targets your deep abdominals to create a stronger 6 pack. Transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques and intercostals, multifidus, pelvic floor, and rectus abdominus are muscles included in your powerhouse.

3. Better golf swing!

Many golf players have improved their game of golf due to the use of core muscles such as their transverse abdominals. By increasing core strength and flexibility golf players are able improve their torque before a swing.

4. Supplements Sports Conditioning.

Pilates increases your speed, flexibility and agility to improve overall sports strength and conditioning. Pilates strengthens the powerhouse muscles listed above.

5. Mind Body Connection.

Pilates integrates breathing, visualization and flow so that you can develop a greater body awareness and knowledge.

6. Longevity.

Pilates strengthens the body with little impact on your major joints allowing bones and cartilage to strengthen versus breakdown.

7. Have better sex.

Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and core muscles including transverse abdominals, obliques and rectus abdominals.

8. Improves Flexibility.

When muscles become more elastic movements around the joints are less restricted preventing injury from occuring. The balanced combination of flexibility and strength creates greater total body movement.

9. Professional Athletes do it!

Tiger Woods, and Pro Sports teams like the Green Bay Packers and Orlando Magic include Pilates equipment training in their sports conditioning program.

10. Improves Balance and Coordination.

Pilates creates a stronger and more balanced muscle structure that supports improvement with coordination and balance.

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